Backpack Battery Charger

The 24V charger is designed to provide a quick and convenient way to charge our electrofishing battery modules. Using a 3-stage charging scheme, the housing has 3 coloured LED indicators to show you the current charging mode…

• Red (Constant Current Mode) – For discharged batteries this state will be active for most of the charging cycle.

• Yellow (Constant Voltage Mode) – As the battery nears full charge this stage will be used to finish the charge cycle, and takes approximately 1 hour.

• Green (Float/Standby Mode) – Once charging is complete, the charger enters standby mode where it will keep the battery topped up as needed. The battery can be left on charge for long periods of time in this state.


Ordering Information

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24V Battery Charger EF00166


  • 3-stage charging scheme...
    Constant current 'bulk' mode.
    Constant voltage 'top-up' mode.
    Float/Standby mode
  • LED status indicators
  • Output short circuit and polarity protection.
  • Rugged construction with integrated battery connector.



Dimensions 170 x 105 x 55mm (backpack & harness only).
Weight 0.9kg
Supply 220/240V, 50Hz AC
Operation 3-Stage Charging Process (for use with ‘Sealed Lead Acid’ batteries)
Output Nominal 24V DC (18V to 26V DC), 1.3A max
Temperature 0°C to +40°C in air
Environmental IP50


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