Battery Pack Modules

These ‘Quick-Change’ battery packs provide a quick and simple way to power your E-Fish electrofishing backpack. Simply install the battery by placing it over the locating lugs, and slide down to secure, without the need to open any housings or re-route cabling.

Alternately, you may purchase several additional battery modules to extend your field fishing time. Several sizes (and weights) are available to suit every operator and budget.

Typically, the 7.5Ah battery will provide approximately 1 hour of continuous fishing with a 150W load and the 3.3Ah battery will provide approximately 30 minutes of continuous fishing with a 150W load.


Ordering Information

To order products, please use the following part numbers as a reference.


  • Waterproof charging vent that automatically allows gasses to escape.
  • Recessed securing and locking slots.
  • Dual waterproof recessed power sockets.
  • Fully sealed rugged construction.



Dimensions 240 x 200 x 85mm (backpack & harness only).
Weight 6.3kg (7.5Ah – EF00164)
Construction ABS & Acetal plastic housings.
Battery Chemistry Sealed Lead Acid
Battery Voltage Nominal 24V DC (18V to 26V DC)
Temperature 0°C to +40°C in air
Environmental IP68


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