Electrofishing Backpack Anode Rings

Designed for use with our electrofishing backpack, these anode poles are lightweight and feature an ergonomic handle design.

A clamp mechanism at the anode tip allows the angle of the anode ring to be adjusted to best suit the operators height and stance and reduce fatigue. The high visibility cable is Kevlar reinforced for strength, and has a safety insulation rating on 3kV for maximum operator protection.


Ordering Information

To order products, please use the following part numbers as a reference.


Electrofishing Backpack Anode 300mm Ring EF00134
Electrofishing Backpack Anode 400mm Ring EF00135
Electrofishing Backpack Anode 500mm Ring EF00136
Electrofishing Backpack Anode 600mm Ring EF00137


Anode 300m Ring

Dimensions 300mm diameter
Weight 0.25kg
Construction Stainless Steel




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