General Care Of Fish

When handling fish, the following rules should be observed…

  • Avoid fishing in high water temperatures (16°C to 18°C for salmonids, 22°C to 24°C for coarse fish especially when pike and perch are present)
  • Use separate bins for large and small fish and for eel.
  • Provide aeration (oxygen diffuser plus compressed air is best) in both catch bins and fish storage bins – this is essential in warmer weather and when large numbers of fish are expected.
  • Keep-cages and keep-nets are a good alternative to fish storage bins but ensure there is adequate depth of clean, gently-flowing, well-aerated water. If these conditions are not available at the survey site then storage bins are preferable.
  • Carry a range of sizes and types of measuring boards to reflect the sizes and species of fish encountered.

Bad handling of fish which are already under some stress as a result of capture can exacerbate problems and cause injury.

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